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Farmers'Rights to Invention Hak Petani-vs- HaKI mypaper@15thINFID- Conference;

Farmers'Rights to Invention, Hak Petani-vs- HaKI mypaper@15thINFID- Conference

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Kindly find and benefit it my paper
presented at

The 15th INFID (International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development)

Tuesday 28 Oktober 2008 jam 14.30-16.30, Round Table 4
Hotel Millenium Sirih ( Rg. Irian), Jl. Fakhrudin 3 Jakarta Pusat

IV. Round Table # 4: Food Crisis and Indonesia's Future Food Self-sufficiency Policy

As a country where most of the population are working on agriculture, food crisis is like a contradiction in terminis for Indonesia. How could farmers have no or lack in food? But it has been real. What are the problems in food policy regarding with food production, distribution and external trade? What are the appropriate strategies for the future?

Resource Persons:

1. Prof.Dr. Tien R Muchtadi, Ms, Dept of Food Science & Technology Faculty of AgriTech of Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB).
"Indonesia Food Policy: External Challenges and Opportunity"

2. Dr. Bustanul Arifin (INDEF Economist):
"New Challenges in Food Security"
The main question is whether the food policy in particular and agricultural policy in general on food security.

3. Fransiskus Welirang, MBA, General Manager of PT Indofood.
"Food Self-Sufficiency: the Role of Business Sector"
The speaker is requested to share business perspective for promoting food self-sufficiency. What can the business sector contribute and what are the main challenges and opportunities in the cooperation between the business sector and the farmers?

4. Riza T. Tjahjadi, Biotani Indonesia
"The Farmers' Rights to Invention: Intellectual Property Rights of Farmers"
The speaker will provide critical reflection of the violation of Intellectual Property Rights of Farmers, particularly related to the expropriation of local wisdom and local knowledge and the prohibition of innovation by the farmers.

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