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Islet, out of mainstream development paradigm

not Robinson Crusoe’ island,
not treasure island
not pirate kingdom,
not paradise island, but...

small island (islet), small quantity fish catch, small income

Here an update/ situationer as result field monitoring on 15 March - 10 April 2009 to Pulau Tidung a twin islet and one of 110 islets of the Thousand Island Regency of Jakarta greater areas, and Pulau Babi of Pulau Tunda, one of six islets of Serang Regency in Banten province.

Important problems face by artisanal fisher communities, as identified by BioTani & Bahari Ind., at least, to two islets:

# uncertainty climate, strong wind and high sea wave, combined with fuel shortage with high prices (2006-early 2009), have caused fishers stranding on shore with uncertain income except debt, thus, highly depends on food aid from mainland

# not be reached by dissemination and availability of the Govt. programs, such as pro-fishermen project, small scale credit scheme, etc.

# a “muroami” net cornering hand lines artisanal fishers (2004-now) whilst fish catch less and less # seapiracy terror (2003-early 2005)

Small Island (islet), Small Boat, Small Quantity Fish Catch, Small Income

pics credit: BioTani & Bahari Ind. archives, Kompas on-line daily newspaper, computer games, and a cartoon stock.com

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Older information

“A group of small island communities led by Biotani Indonesia Foundation has urged that the adaptation fund should include a special corpus to cover their initiatives.”
(Bali Climate conference has a message for rural community;
http://www.financialexpress.com/news/Bali-Climate-conference-has-a-message-for-rural -community/251129/0
Posted online: Monday, December 17, 2007 at 0158 hrs IST


Study discovers food problem in remote islands

Ary Hermawan, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The government was urged on Tuesday to review its food security program in small and remote islands after a study found it ineffective.
The study, conducted by non-profit organization BioTani in Banten, Jakarta, the Riau Islands, East Java, South Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi, found that people living in small and remote islands still faced food shortages.
"On the main islands, the program has been working well, but on small and remote islands, the program does not work. We found most respondents were still prone to experiencing food scarcities," BioTani executive director Riza. V. Tjahyadi said.

…and so on
(The Jakarta Post, National News,December 13, 2006)

Not to forget
1. Biotani Indonesia carried out fact finding mission on food insecurity in Pulau Tunda in Serang Regency of Banten province on April 2003,
2. Food insecurity incidence in Pulau Tunda in Serang Regency of Banten province on early to mid January 2007.
3. Food insecurity incidence in some islets in the Thousand island regency in the Jakarta Bay on the first week of February 2008.
4. Almost entering food insecurity situation (again) to Pulau Tunda in Serang Regency of Banten province in February-March 2009.

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