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Rice Seeds goes to High Tech, Fertilisers turns Eco-friendly

Rice Seeds goes to High Tech, Fertilisers turns Eco-friendly

A complement to my previous postings in this blogspot on: subsidies within the state budget on Hybrid Rice (Dec. 2008, and April 2009), and Fertilisers (January 2010), with additional references:

1. Hybrid rice grown fast in the last 10 years. This indicated with more than 30 varieties since 2001, and field testing of two hybrid varieties of the Japanese company in 2000.

2. Elimination of chemical fertilisers subsidy, see:

# Bahan Rapat Kerja Menteri Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Dengan Komisi V DPR-RI Pada Masa Persidangan III Tanggal 22 Pebruari 1999 or The Government Respond, Written material for a public hearing between Minister of Trade and Industry and Commission V of the House of Representatives, February 22, 1999.

# Govt reportedly fails to pay fertilizer subsidy. The Jakarta Post, in Asia Africa Intelligence Wire. May 27, 2003. www.accessmylibrary.com

# MODEL SUBSIDI PERTANIAN TERPADU: Landasan Konseptual dan Faktual serta Sistem Operasinya. Departemen Pertanian. 3 April 2006, or Ministry of Agriculture 3 April 2006: A Model on Integrated Subsidy for Agriculture.

3. Data on fertilisers and seeds subsidies, see:

# Subsidi dalam APBN oleh Dr. Harry Azhar Azis,MA. or Azis, H. A. Subsidy in the State Budget. N.D.

# State Address of the President of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government Statement on the Draft State Budget of the Fiscal Year 2003 and Its Financial Note Before the House of Representatives on 16th August 2002.

# The state budget Acts and Its Financial Notes various years, including Press Release by the Ministry of Finance various years.

# Various news report in daily newspapers.

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