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Mass growing sengon or albazia (Sengonisasi) with polyculture ....

This job on the side ... changing my garden since 2008 ... first (wants) durian tree multiply, but because existing durian trees to bear fruit if the neighbors were stolen (although still young stage of fruit) for “dirujak” (hot salads) ...

Mass growing sengon or albazia (Sengonisasi) with polyculture ....

So was the coffee crop, and bananas, which are old ... proved particularly vulnerable to climate changing, drought of 2006-2007, did not bear fruit even death. Hence by the initiative of the guard just revamped the garden with the planting of trees sengon.

Basic data: size 5385 = 659 + 6.044 m2, porous soil, once the soil and plants grown on the black rocks, a height of 200 meters above sea level; location around 125 in the southwest of Jakarta.

Sengon countless numbers a thousand bars - the age varies, as do new stitching - with interrupted plants: cassava paste technique using rubber cassava, banana, coffee should be regenerated, and red pepper, corn, taro .... polyculture pattern with organic cultivation system of food crops, its popular name. Overall carrying out by own capital...

Sengon seeds picked up from the neighboring plants, and preparing lollygag as nursery for seedling in his house. Goat manure is collected in bags, then buried for two months. Then, dismantle, and then disseminated to the land ... Only one pond had drained and replaced with chili plants, and tales ... because carp are sown into the neighbor's pond had been stolen. The other pool will be filled with fish, catfish, after Idhul Fitri ... newly sown now as many as four Mujaer fish tail for the feasibility test. So, dude ...!

Uuufh .... Who knows ... redesigning efforts this would provide an income, and can also replace the wood of coconut trees, jackfruit trees and wood for building materials .... In addition ... as part of community participation in the grand scheme of things (the State) in an effort to decrease global warming ... Well, this is a local initiative ...!
As a comparison, please read this: The value of investments for an investment package is Rp. 2.000.000, - with a total 100 trees sengon. The value of these investments have included land rent, land management, procurement and planting of seeds, fertilizers, maintenance, monitoring and harvesting of between 5-6 years. Investors can choose the system of thinning or no thinning of plants ...

Uuff. That language of project proposals ... Another sentence: "and became one of the government policies through Dephutbun, the ministry of forestry and plantation, for promoting 'Sengonisasi' around the watersheds (DAS) in Java, Bali and Sumatra."

What is clear to me it will be useful in observing the spread of cassava transgenic and transgenic sengon .. !
(See: Fw: [base-asia] Cassava & Albazia, transgenic - Indonesia___ Alert ..! Tuesday, May 25, 2010 6:56 PM, From: "Riza Tjahjadi" , To: lingkungan@yahoogroups.com; Transgenic, Indonesian-Sengon Seed Production Process, Patent & Cassava, Friday, May 28, 2010 6:36 PM, From: "Riza Tjahjadi" , To: Trade_Watch@yahoogroups.com; and also: Buy five and get ... your will from Five Different tastes ..! Will be replaced by mono-taste in 2015 ... .. Durian and mangosteen transgenic in ....; see previous posting)




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