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Farmers... you should keep alert to: We OWN your seeds

Farmers... you should keep alert to the claim: We OWN your seeds

Farmers... assess your Farmers' Souverignty by develop PBR with Selection to their Own Seeds (poster)

Remember, We are what we eat and what we use

But there are
Non-Rice Biopiracy to:Indonesian and SEA region context:


# The case of Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma logifolia). Biopiracy to Indonesian native plants. A selective Patent Application at European Patent Office. Opportunity and Challenges. (with limited background information), Investigate and Compiled by Riza V. Tjahjadi. BioTani Indonesia/PAN Indonesia. A Situationer/BioTaniInd/June2003.

# Another patent application to European patent office (EPO):For updating against biopiracy campaign. Pasak Bumi or superherb ingredient prepare to use in the treatment of male pattern baldness by BRYANT ANDREW EDWARD (GB) Patent number: GB2386837. STOP BIOPIRACY. Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma fongifolia) in South East Asia. Biotani Indonesia Foundation. Press Statement In commemoration the World Biodiversity Day 22 May 2003.

# Dalam siaran persnya baru-baru ini, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Indonesia menyebutkan bahwa Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) dengan Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) telah bekerjasama selama lima tahun terakhir dalam suatu proyek bernama Malaysia MIT Biotechnology Partnership Programme (MMBPP). Proyek ini gencar mengembangkan teknologi mikropopagasi terhadap pasak bumi untuk mendapatkan intisari kandungan kimianya. Tidak main-main, pemerintah Malaysia dan MIT sama-sama mengajukan hak paten atas kandungan bioaktif pasak bumi. Lihat: Menyambut Hari Keanekaragaman Hayati. Saat Hak Paten Mengalahkan Hukum Alam. Sinar Harapan 21 Mei 2003.

# From: Riza V. Tjahjadi
Subject: bIoDaY: ASAHI, FRIM-MIT mUsT STOP bIoPiRacY to SEA SuperHERB Plant
To: Mass Media-and-partners
Cc: biotani@rad.net.id
Date: May 21 2003 14:37
A Japanese company Asahi Denka Kogyo had as early as in 1991 applied for patents for
- Chewing gum containing extract of eurycoma longifolia jack (JP3292860)
- Chocolate containing extract of eurycoma longifolia jack (JP3292857)

It may be noted, recently, there are four patents on Eurycoma longifolia have been applying as to get patent granting at EPO, European Patent Office.

1. AU4796601 Bioactive fraction of eurycoma longifolia

# From: "Riza V. Tjahjadi" Date: Mon May 12, 2003 6:26 pm
Subject: BIOPIRACY,Now to Borneo Pasak Bumi - Horizontal conflict of TRIPs within ASEAN Govts increase? BIOPIRACY CONTINUED P asak Bumi (Eurycoma fongifolia) in South East Asia BIG INTEREST IN A SMALL TREE, bioresearch of Eurycoma fongifolia ARE ASEAN GOVERNMENTS SPONSORING BIOPIRACY? More biopiracy in the ASEAN region?! A statement (of alert) by Biotani Indonesia Amongst the treasures of the tropical forest in the South East Asian (SEA) region, is Eurycoma fongifolia; popularly known as “Pasak Bumi” in Indonesia and “Tongkat Ali” in Malaysia.

2. The Indonesian crops with native names biopirated by Shiseido

# In the late 1990s, the Japanese cosmetic transnational Shiseido filed for European patents on 11 different compounds of traditional Indonesian medicinal plants or Jamu. After strong protests from Indonesian groups, such as BioTani Foundation / PAN Indonesia, Shiseido withdrew the patents in 2002. See BioTani Foundation Indonesia profile for the Public Eye on Davos award, 2006, http://www.evb.ch/cm_data/BioTani_EN_edited_.pdf. On Cupuaçu, a fruit from the Amazon patented by the Kyoto-based ASAHI Foods Company Ltd, see http://www.amazonlink.org/biopiracy/cupuacu.htm. See: JAPAN DIGS ITS CLAWS INTO BIODIVERSITY THROUGH FTAS. GRAIN | August 2007.

# From: "Riza V. Tjahjadi"
To: wto_forum@yahoogroups.com
Date: Tue Dec 31, 2002 8:45 am
Subject: Lost in Battle Court, Not to Shiseido' Biopiracy

# "Dear Riza... So, I saw that Shiseido has cancelled their patent. I looked also at EP 1002515 (WO 99/63950). It is also at the European Patent Office withdrawn since the 24.01.2002. A success for you!" as an observer said at EPO in München Germany, Aug 9 2002 11:08.

# Shiseido Batalkan Paten Rempah Indonesia. Kompas. 25 Maret 2002.

# Pesticide Action Network Indonesia, sebuah LSM yang peduli masalah pertanian, sejak tahun lalu melakukan kampanye boikot terhadap produk Shiseido. lihat; Beras Kencur 'Made in Japan. MbM Tempo. 43/XXX 26 Desember 2001

# Boikot Perusahaan Pembajak Hayati Tanaman Indonesia. Kompas, 2001-07-18.

# Indonesia Hadapi Kasus Shiseido. Kompas Sabtu, 14 Juli 2001

# Culture of sharing undermines local property rights. The Jakarta Post, 25 April 2001.

# Riza said Shiseido, a well-known Japanese cosmetic firm, had quietly patented several local traditional formulas of herbs and spices in NGO seminar urges campaign against 'unfair' biopiracy. The Jalarta Post. March 20, 2000

# Shiseido Biopiracy to traditional herbal plants of Indonesia, SHISEIDO. Feature article: BIO_PIRACY/LIZ SHERIDAN in http://www.healthyoptiops.co.nz

# SHSEIDO, biopirating to herbals with Indonesian native names. BOYCOT. Leaflets circulated during The Third WTO ministrial Meeting 26-28 November in Seattle, U.S. 1999.

# SHSEIDO, Pembajak Hayati Tanaman Indonesia. BOIKOT. Terompet, Teropong Masalah Pestisida. Kalawarta No. 23 Tahun VI, 1999. PAN Indonesia.

# JAKARTA (JP): An environmental activist is calling on the government to move immediately to provide protection for the intellectual property rights of traditional communities before they are patented by foreign corporations abroad (...) Riza said the failure to register these strains could allow foreign corporations to claim the patents and register them abroad... in: Traditional community needs govt protection. The Jakarta Post, 3 Nov. 1995.


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