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Global Organic Agriculture

Global Organic Agriculture

“carbon footprint”
# “food-miles argument” vs self- community consumption (on behalf household and community food security; most Northern analysts/lobbyists usually identified three levels food security: Global, national, household food security).

# Mechanization vehicles (large farm in the North) vs labour intensive (small scale farm in Indonesia) although there are APPO (a compost making machine) and RPPO (a house for making compost) - all with fossil-fuel energy for three-cycle motorbike, and crasher machine of compost materials) introduced since 2007 and granted to rice farmers as to improve soil fertility within the state budget. Target: 10,000 units RPPO in coming years

Note: the average farm size in Indonesia is 0.3 hectare per household.

Methane gas
# Large swamps in the North vs stop eating rice for Asians from rice terraces?

This is my provocative comment to Mischa Popoff's book entitled Is it ORGANIC? Excerpts from the book and Organic farming = more CO2.

Riza V. Tjahjadi

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Sat, February 26, 2011 7:26:44 AM
Organic farming creates more CO2 (which is a good thing, of course)
Mischa Popoff
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Organic farming creates more CO2 (which is a good thing, of course). So why do organic activists pretend organic farming releases less CO2?

Urban organic activists begin every argument by pining for the good ol’ days. They point out that in 1940 one calorie of fossil-fuel energy produced two calories of food. But now, due to the “dreaded” effects of industrialization, 20 calories of fossil-fuel energy are required. This supposedly illustrates why an immediate transformation of the food biz is required to “save the planet.” How? By converting from a fossil-fuel-based food economy to one based instead on sunshine. Case closed! After all, it’s a 20-fold increase, right?

Well… turns out it’s not.

Go to my website to see the full story:

Organic farmers and consumers deserve better.

Mischa Popoff, IOIA Advanced Organic Farm and Process Inspector

Author of Is it Organic?

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